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Small but practical. This super sleek handbag from Lilyat is all you need to rock and roll. In addition to its stunning design and its luminous effects, it also big enough to hold your phone, cards, keys and almost everything in between. All of that with a touch of pure magic. 

Here are some of the bag's key features: 
  • A slight change in color when the bag is reflected with normal light. 
  • And when the light is directly reflect on the bag, it gives breathtaking luminous color effects. 
  • Big enough to hold all you essentials for a great outing and small enough to hold with just one hand. 
  • Suitable for all your dresses. 

Size and extra details of the bag:

  • The wallet comes in two different designs 
  • It is a handmade bag. 
  • It is made of Polyester. 
  • It comes in 18cm*26cm size or 7*10 inch.

Grab yours now and let thet eyes follow you everywhere you go!